Valentine gift pack

€49,95 €79,95

12-piece personalized gift package for Valentine's Day with which you will undoubtedly surprise your loved one.

The gift set for Valentine consists of:

1. Your milestones engraved in transparent acrylic stand. Choose 5 milestones from the list of possibilities and select them in the dropdowns. At Every milestone you can add a text and date.

Example input for the photo

Milestones 17, 12, 6, 13, 15

1: Together since 2012
2: First house 2013
3: Engaged 2014
4: Mathieu 2016
5: To the moon and back

2. A luxury leather keychain with screw to fold your keys into the leather. As a result, other things in your pocket or handbag are less likely to scratch. You can easily unscrew the screw, so that up to 3 keys can easily fit in here. To take even more keys, badges or the remote control of an alarm with you, this leather key ring comes with an additional washer.

The initials of your first names are engraved in it.

3. Match heads or tails This little game brightens up every day: who comes from the couch to refill the glasses? Whose turn is it for a task? Or better: who gets pampered with a massage?

Diameter wooden coin: 6cm. Engraved with your first names.

4. 8-date-tokens , pull a heart out of your box and find out what you are going to do together today: to the movies, a board game, a picnic, a hike, build a campfire, cozy coffee date, stargazing or a massage? What's on your agenda this weekend?

Dimensions wooden box

5 cm
Wood, leather, acrylic, metal